At Smile Books we specialise in the design and printing of creative and colourful school yearbooks, targeted to the parent body of pre-primary schools.

Our team of creative and administrative professionals design photobooks dedicated to preserving the precious memories of children in their developmental pre-school years.

We will design a photobook per class of learners in the school, which will contain two dedicated pages for each child, general photographs of class events, photographs of school events and anything special that the school would like included. The photobook will also include school branding, and important information about the school such as school ethos, mission, vision, contact information and messages from the principal and teachers.

Appeal of the Photobook

These books will likely be brag books for the family and be on display in their homes, for enjoyment by the family, friends and visitors. Extra copies per child may even be ordered to share with extended family.

The publication of these photobooks will further enhance the school’s reputation, culture and market reach, and will promote the school’s image. Much like word-of-mouth and advertising assists with the school’s recruitment of children, so too will the photobooks provide the school with an additional marketing value.

An extra book can be printed for the school’s archives, and be available for viewing by prospective parents.


A portion of the price charged, per book, by the school can be used to support the school’s much needed fundraising initiatives.

Our cost to the school, per book, will vary depending on the length of the book, size of the class and the type of book selected. However, the school can sell the book to their parent body for any value deemed appropriate. The table below shows the various types of books we produce, our price to the school, and a 50% ‘profit’ which can be added to the book price which will be the fundraising portion for the school.

If the school wishes to provide the book to parents with no extra ‘profit’ added, this is at the discretion of the school.