Once the decision to commence with the Playschool Memories Photobook is made, the following process is recommended in terms of the creative and administrative process:

1. Discussion with school representative to obtain full brief of what the school requires per year group and in terms of design preferences. Our website contains a wide range of design themes which are updated on a regular basis.

2. Advertise the concept to the parent body, focussing on the value of their obtaining memories for the children, and well as the fundraising benefits to the school (if applicable). We have developed a template for this stage which can be used by the administrators of the school. This will introduce the concept to parents.

3. Gauge the support of the parent body for the concept, providing an estimated of the number of books needed to the Smile Books team.

4. Send us a list of learners at the school and contact details for the parents, so that we can begin to plan the book design.

5. We will invite parents, via a dedicated email to send us information on the children, which will typically include scanned photographs (up to 6 photos in a graphic format), photos/scanned images of artwork of the children, and perhaps meaningful quotes, poems or answers to questions e.g. what is your favourite thing to do, which we can provide. The content of the book will be agreed with the school.

6. We will rely on our contact with the school to send us photographs of the learners enjoying various school events learning, celebrating special events and festivals, along with a description as of the event as well as photo captions if possible. We will continue to add this information and photographs to book over the course of the year to ensure that the book is finalised as quickly as possible towards the end of the school year.

7. Towards the end of the school year, school photographers tend to be invited to take individual class photo pictures, as well as group photos of the class. We will include these too, should they be sent to us.

8. Once we have completed the draft book we will send this to the school for approval. On finalisation of the draft the school can make a preview of the book available or we can send this to the parent body by using their contact information provided.

9. Once we receive final orders for the books and receive payment we will place an order with our printers and ensure these are delivered to the parents, either via the school or via courier should they prefer.